RIFE M5 Cable Straight/90˚ 1.5/3/6/9 Feet




Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use


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RIFE M5 Cable Straight/90˚ 1.5/3/6/9 Feet

RIFE M5 Cable Straight/90° – 1.5 / 3 / 6 / 9 Feet

RIFE’s M5 cables provide a durable/sealed solution for connecting your RIFE sensors. 

Simple screw-on attachment

Hi-Temperature Polyurethane Jacket

Available in:

  • Straight/90° both ends finished

Connector OD: .250”, cable Diameter: .160”

If removing or changing an end on this cable to adapt to a non standard m5 connector the wire colors / pinouts are as follows so long as you are using RIFE supplied M5 cables

Pin1 Brown: Signal Out

Pin2 Black: Sensor Power

Pin3 Blue: Sensor Ground