Custom Design and Manufacturing

Custom Design & Manufacturing

TBM Brakes can handle unique braking problems that no off-the-shelf solution can solve, or create white-label systems and components for turnkey branding. Our custom manufacturing is done 100% in the United States and can meet just about any need for those with sufficient budget for a single item order or seeking a cost-effective multi-count run.

Military / Security

Adding armor and equipment to a vehicle will immediately nullify the effectiveness of the current braking system. We can create a solution that keeps or improves on what the stopping distance was before you added the weight, let alone the fully loaded stopping distance. We can even help shave some weight off the vehicle.

Chassis Builders

Have TBM brakes craft a braking system perfectly matched to the performance of your creation that also sports your logo.

Repair Shops

Add a branded line of ultra-performance, ultra-durable brake systems and components to your offerings. Are your customers bringing the same vehicle to you over and over with the same problem? Have us create a solution and you can be the only shop in the area with a reliable fix.

Show Cars

Why show off a brake brand for your car show or expo car display when you show off your own brand. Let TBM Brakes get your logo in all four corners with custom-etched calipers.

Parts Retailers

Add a house brand to your brake catalog with TBM Brakes’ custom white-label manufacturing.


Offer a performance upgrade for your vehicles to your customers while keeping the company’s branding front and center.

Aftermarket Manufacturers

Add a branded line of brake systems and components to your catalog with our turnkey manufacturing solution.


TBM Brakes can craft a custom run of brake systems and components purpose-designed for the specific driving profiles and needs of your fleet vehicles. Cut costs in the long run with ultra-durable and low-maintenance custom brakes made to spec.

Emergency Services

Get a cost-effective, durable, and reliable braking solution engineered specifically for your fleet of modified emergency response vehicles.