Rebuild & Repair Services

Rebuild & Repair Services

We recommend rebuild/testing of calipers every 1-2 seasons depending on usage.

$99 Rebuild Special

Even the best brakes in the business need a little care every once in awhile. This is especially true in racing applications, where heat in the brake system can start to break down important seals. Have your TBM calipers rebuilt to good-as-new condition in our facility by our technicians. With the proper care, calipers by TBM Brakes should virtually last forever. CLICK HERE to get started.

What’s Included

The TBM Brakes expert caliper rejuvenation program includes:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Complete Tear Down
  • Deep cleaning and polishing of all parts
  • Replacement of:
    • Piston Seals
    • Transfer Tube Seals
    • Crush Washers
  • Replacement of Damaged or Worn Parts, (crash or impact damaged caliper see below)
  • Re-assemble Caliper
  • Pressure & Soak Testing

*per caliper. $99 dollar rebuild ($69 for 2 piston calipers) includes all of the above plus free return ground shipping. Replacement of Pistons, Transfer tubes, structural components, etc. will be at TBM’s discretion and will be additional expense over standard rebuild cost. Crash/impact damage, misuse, and neglected items not covered.

Crash Repair

Our Tornado calipers have a modular design that greatly facilitates crash repair. If your brake system has suffered an impact, let us get you up and running at 100% again with true expertise and original parts.