Inboard Sprint 12" HD Rear Brake Kit by TBM Brakes 001-0321


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Inboard Sprint 12" HD  Rear Brake Kit by TBM Brakes 001-0321

TBM has a rich history of being a top performing brake in sprint and circle track world. Today we have evolved a kit that is not only affordable but is lightweight and delivers top stopping power. TBM pairs our best in class brake caliper with our thermally treated Pro-Cast rotor to create a brake that is durable for all driving style and track conditions.


  • Rebuildable/Servicable Brake caliper
  • Safe and Effective Lightweight alloy steel rotor
  • Multiple Brake Compounds to Facilitate Driving Style and Track Differences

Kit Includes:

  • F4 Sprint Car Brake Caliper (002-1180SSP-S)
  • Pro-Cast Rotor 12.19" x .810" Thick (3-121981087)
  • 2 pads #2 pad compound (6-0203H) or #5 compound (6-0503H)

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