1964-72 Chevelle XS3 Front Extreme Street Brake Kit


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1964-72 Chevelle XS3 Front Extreme Street Performance 12.19" Brake Kit 012-0232

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Kit Weight 43.65 LBS

Built with over 30 years of heritage in racing, TBM Brakes introduces its first purpose built street performance brake kit, the XS3 series featuring a 12.19" vented rotor. Designed to be the bridge between our lightweight single thickness steel racing brakes and the large diameter rotor street performance brakes commonly seen in late model vehicles while providing incredible stopping power.

This brake kit was specifically designed to give the ability to run smaller diameter / factory size wheels without sacrificing braking potential. We even found this kit able to work with many steel factory 15" wheels as well as drag racing wheels.

Also fits these vehicles:

  • 1967-69 Camaro
  • 1964-74 Nova
  • 1970-72 Monte Carlo
  • 1964-72 Buick GS


  • Race Inspired XS3 4 Piston Caliper
  • Billet housings machined from solid 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Crossflow caliper design eliminates external tubes, and promotes equal pressure to piston distribution 
  • (4) 1.75" OD CNC Stainless Steel Billet pistons per caliper deliver exceptional stopping power and pedal feedback
  • Two Part Durable Powdercoated Calipers (choose color in options)
    • Race Red
    • Satin Blue Metallic
    • Velocity Yellow
    • Gunmetal Gray
    • Onyx Black
  • Caliper bracket has built in speed sensor (sold separately)
  • Black Anodized Brackets and Hubs
  • Lightweight Hub reduces rotating mass
  • Dark Zinc Plated rotors offer corrosion resistance before and after installation (please note rotor color can vary due to process)
  • Unique Cross flow fluid design for smoother operation
  • 12 point hardware
  • Race derived caliper design provides excellent stopping and better pedal feel
  • Made in the USA in our Bradenton, FL location!


  • (1) 12.19" vented rotors 3-121981087-1
  • (1) 12.19" vented rotors 3-121981087-2
  • (2) 5x4.75" Bolt Pattern Billet Aluminum Black Anodized Hubs 008-0112
  • (2) Billet Rotor Adapter Rings 
  • (10) 1/2" by 2" wheel studs
  • (2) XS3 4 Piston Caliper (Choose color below)
    • Race Red
    • Satin Blue Metallic
    • Velocity Yellow
    • Gunmetal Gray
    • Midnight Black
  • (1) Caliper Bracket 3-17-0001-1
  • (1) Caliper Bracket 3-17-0001-2
  • Complete Set of Pads 6-0002HPS
  • Hardware Kit 011-0187


Innovative caliper with class leading stopping power!

The XS3 Extreme Street caliper is an innovative new design built off principles and engineering from our line of racing calipers. This all billet caliper provides ultimate in strength for a better feel and performance. With a stronger bridge strength and more rigid caliper than most aftermarket aluminum calipers we are able to provide larger clamping force to achieve the brake torque to stop your vehicle. Choose your choice of color in powdercoat. 

12.19" Slotted & Vented Rotor Balances Weight and Durability

Our cast vented and slotted 12.19" rotor was designed to balance weight, stopping power, cooling ability, and looks while keeping the ability to package with most factory and aftermarket wheels 15" and larger. These rotors are black plated to protect against rusting / corrosion and look good before first use and beyond.

Built in Wheel Speed Sensor Mounting Solutions

Easily add a TBM wheel speed sensor kit for a bolt on solution for traction control, speedometer and more without further fabrication.

Proven Brake Pad Technology:

Utilizing the Hawk Performance HPS Ferro Carbon compound, this brake pad strikes the perfect balance of stopping potential without bringing noisy brake pads and large amounts of brake dust into play.

Billet TBM Brake Hubs

Our Billet Hubs save valuable weight while offering a rigid mounting solution for your XS3 rotors! These hubs come with and utilize Timken bearings for ultimate durability. With a built in mounting option for a speed sensor wheel, this 

Note: We do not recommend the use of silicone based brake fluid with these calipers. Only use approved DOT3, DOT4, or DOT 5.1 brake fluid. We recommend using TBM Extreme 6 Fluid for best results.

To purchase TBM Extreme 6 DOT 5.1 fluid: CLICK HERE

These brakes perform and operate best at 6-800 psi brake pressure under normal braking pressure. The proper master cylinder and pedal ratio is essential to proper performance. Don't know how to calculate this? Give our team a call, we are happy to help! (800) 878-9274

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