Monster Truck Brakes

Monster Truck Brakes

Did you know that TBM Brakes is the system of choice to stop virtually every monster truck?

A modern monster truck is 10.5 feet tall, has 1500 horsepower and weighs 12,000 pounds.  What makes the application even more difficult is that there is only room on the truck for two 12.19” rotors!  All 12,000 pounds is stopped by a pair of rotors no bigger than you would find on the back of your average minivan!

An application this difficult required TBM to go back to the basics, engineering a system that would reliably stop the trucks while maximizing safety for the fans in the stands.  The system starts with the tried and true Revolution rotor. The monster truck version is undrilled to add a bit more thermal mass, but we retain the convoluted shape to keep the rotor flat while it endures extreme temperatures.  The rotor is matched with TBM’s F4 caliper and #85 pads that provide great clamping force and a very broad temperature range.

This combination of parts, along with sturdy brackets and hardware, provide the performance and safety that allow the modern monster truck to put on amazing shows night after night.


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