Manual Brakes

Manual Brakes

Manual Brakes - Pedal Box & Balance Bar Assembly / Tandem Master Cylinder & Adjustable Proportioning Valve

We build brakes for race cars; not that some don’t see street use, some are even used predominantly on the street, but at our core, we are a racing brake company. Race cars have manual brakes. The reason is simple, the purpose of a race car is to go as fast as possible as simply as possible. All sorts of complexity has come into racing over the years: EFI, multi-adjustable shocks, traction control, bumpstops, etc. The one thing all of these technologies offer is better performance in exchange for higher complexity. Power brakes do not offer this trade-off, they offer added complexity and weight without added performance.

Anyone in the process of building or refitting a race car should seriously consider a pedal box / balance bar assembly as their primary choice for a master cylinder arrangement. The balance bar, also called a “dual master” system, mounts two single circuit master cylinders side by side and has an adjustable mechanical linkage between the two masters to adjust the front-to-rear proportioning.

pedal box balance bar brakes

The second choice offers less adjustability,  but can work acceptably well if rules or finances dictate. This is a factory style tandem master combined with an adjustable proportioning valve to balance the system.

master cylinder adjustable proportioning valve
It is necessary for both of these systems to ensure that the pedal ratio and master cylinder sizes are correct and appropriate, but those are subjects for another day. If you have any immediate questions, feel free to give us a call at (805) 987-7867
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