6 Ways TBM Calipers are Better Than What You are Currently Running

6 Ways TBM Calipers are Better Than What You are Currently Running

6 Ways TBM Calipers are better than what you are currently running - Best Racing Calipers

Looking for the best racing calipers you can find? Look no further! TBM Brakes manufactures long lasting, high quality brake calipers for an extensive range of racing applications.

1. Longer Pad Life

If your pads wear tapered, there are several bad things happening, the least of which being replacing pads more often than you should. TBM’s stiffer design and tighter piston fits prevent the flexing, wedging, and cocking that causes taper. Brake pads cost $100-200 a set or more, that’s money you don’t need to be spending.

2. No Pedal Drop

You know that feeling of the pedal going away late in the race, just when you need it most? And you know how your brake manufacturer was telling you that you boiled the brake fluid? Did you know that aluminum loses 30% of its strength by 300°F? Did you know that the steel center sections in TBM calipers are unaffected by heat until after 500°F? What is really causing the pedal drop?

3. Less Drag

Remember before when I said if your pads are tapered, several bad thing are happening? This is one of those things, your calipers are flexing and that causes drag… and heat… and wear.

4. Longer Lasting

When was the last time someone won a race on 10 year old calipers? For TBM, it happens every week! All-aluminum calipers “life out”, it has to do with the fatigue life of aluminum; TBM steel center sections last indefinitely (given typical loading). That’s why your car feels so much better when you put new aluminum calipers on, the new calipers are stiffer (for a while anyway). TBM calipers are stiffer… forever.

5. Lighter

It is true that our calipers MAY weigh more than SOME of our competitors by fractions of a pound, so how can we say we are lighter? Less drag means less heat input into the rotors, less heat input means you can run a lighter rotor… more un-sprung weight is bad, but not as bad as rotating weight!

6. Cheaper

TBM calipers last decades, provide longer pad life, and are completely repairable (including crash damage). Sure, up front they might cost a bit more, but over time, TBM calipers are money in your pocket!

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